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 Reflektory LED

Brilliantly bright – low power consumption!

With the further development of the successful warm-tone LED series of spotlights, B.E.G. has created a significant milestone in energy efficiency. The FL2N-LED is equipped with 60 high-performance LEDs and requires just 26 watts, the LED FL3N uses 30 powerful LEDs with a power consumption of 14 watts. The technology specifically developed for these B.E.G. . spotlights ensures that the illuminated area is lit up perfectly. Both new spotlights are available with and without motion detectors.
As with all other spotlights in this range, this product is easy to fit: the spotlight head may be clicked on to the already fitted and wired wall socket with just a single hand movement and without the need for tools. The head may be moved in almost any direction after it has been fitted. This is due to the spotlight‘s clever design, which uses three axes of motion.

Innovative technology for optimal illumination!

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