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Czujniki obecności 230 V

  • Using the IR-PD-1C-E infrared remote control, all settings can be made comfortably from the ground without having the annoyance of setting up ladders. It is suitable for the Master versions of following detectors:
    PD9-M-1C and PD9-M-1C-GH
  • The great variety of programs facilitates adapting the motion detector to all individual wishes at any time ? even subsequently.
  • This improved version of the IR-PD-1C additionally provides the option to set the follow-up time also in the range of 15 s - 3 min.
  • Additional features like automatically reading-in the current daylight value or the useful 2 sec.-test function are also optionally available with the IR-PD-1C-E.
  • The lights can be switched on or off anytime with just a touch of the button. That means it is not necessary to install an additional light switch.
  • Comes complete with a practical wall bracket (dimensions (approx.): 63 x 29 x 19 mm)


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  • Power supply: Lithium CR2032 3 Volt (inclusive) depending on lighting conditions
  • Range max. in m: clouded or dark: 5 to 6 sunshine: 2 to 3
  • Dimensions: L 80 x W 60 x H 8 mm

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