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KNXnet/IP - The visualisation of the international standard

In addition to daylight and occupancy-dependent lighting control, building control with KNX/ EIB also enables individual lighting control, for example, of interior lighting, heating or ventilation in your building, entirely according to your wishes.
The B.E.G. KNXnet/IP interface serves especially as a hardware interface for the connection of a KNX system with a TCP /IP network.
As a multi-functional control device, the KNXnet/IP Interface Multicontrol also has many additional functions for monitoring and controlling the KNX systems, for example, timed switches, scenarios, event triggers and logic functions.
Alternatively, the KNXnet/IP Interface Web contains an integrated web server for comfortable system visualisation, for example, with smart phones, tablet or desktop PCs.

Direct, multi-functional or web-based!

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