Mechanical time switches

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 Mechanical time switches

More energy savings made possible
by time controlled switching

With the new digital and analogue timers from B.E.G., you can switch your heating, air conditioning, ventilation and lighting in a time-controlled and cost-effective manner.
In addition to analogue timers, B.E.G.'s product range features the entire range of digital week, astro and year clocks. Thanks to their text-controlled LCD menu and clear operating structure, the clocks can be started up straight away and are fast and easy to program. New switching times can be set easily, individually and flexibly. Other days of the week with the same switching times can be transferred with ease using the copy function to quickly change the day and week programs. A date-controlled holiday program and automatic switching to summer or winter time according to CET can be set with ease and at speed.

For easy energy savings!

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